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Nation Branding between Positive and Negative

by on January 8, 2014

It has been argued that Nation branding became so important as it identifies parameters for our culture and our foreign investment, therefore we needs to provide a good image of our nation banding and this need cooperation between companies, governments and individuals. however others will argue that the Nation banding is not that important and often can lead to economic crises because companies and behavior of individual  cannot be determined nor controlled. This blog will discuss both sides.


It will argue that nation banding is important for many different reasons, firstly because of Globalization, which makes the world smaller and everything becomes so tangled together, hence we need to keep our identity. Secondly competition between states for direct foreign investment has been increasing therefore each country tries to provide a good quality with cheaper prices. Additionally,   Nation branding became so important for tourism purposes in order to get more tourism to visit a country by   showing that tourist places which are related to the country’s culture. However, poor culture became difficult because of the globalization and mixing of cultures make the process of purity quite difficult .However, some of nation branding images which are of importance  such as cultural and architectural symbols like Big Ben, the London Eye and Tower Bridge. Though, there are not only those symbols which show the good image of the country`s nation branding, it is the stability of that country too,  democratic regimes and human rights criteria as well as the need of a good propaganda and the creation of a good name which can sell the nation branding image.



Other important factors which can help selling the nation branding are commercial and manufacturing companies such as IKEA which acts as a good representative of the Swedish nation manufacture and design, IKEA has a good inventory on its list in addition to the reasonably good quality with reasonably cheap prices. This company sells the nation branding and shows the dependence  of the world on how Sweden is an organized country with companies that improves the quality of good life, their merchandise show that.

The process of selling the nation branding is complex and it needs a lot of efforts from governments, individuals, the media and non-governmental organizations. For example, through propaganda Campaigns inside and outside the country, governments can show by provision of freedom and democracy, they don`t war monger and provide more money towards raising the image of nation branding. “if the worlds governments placed better values so that most corporations  learn to place their goods then the world would be a safer and quieter place today”( Anhold:2010:P8).


Others will argue that the Nation branding needs to be secured from irresponsible people, which can damage that image. A good example was the Danish film producer and his movie about Prophet Mohammed. That movie angered the Islamic world, which affected Danish economy, because Islamic countries stopped to buy anything which has a Danish Nation branding. another  example is that bad governments and politicians  can damage the Nation Branding as in the case Mr George W. Bush whose aggressive speeches and claiming just wars in different part of world which killed and perished a lot of people with the absence of humanity`s  basic needs such as human rights as in  the case Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq where they tortured, raped men  and women, these things  have  damaged the Nation Branding of USA .However, nowadays President Obama  is trying to  get a better image for the USA`s Nation branding  by employing a softer power and NGO`s. Another bad example are the  Chinese companies, where they don’t give the employees  their basic rights and employ children to work with minimal wages , it will affect their economy in the future  because people will stop to pay for them ,where their image that comes to people`s minds and that those merchandise  were made by tiny hands.



There are some positive and negative aspects for showing Nation Branding. The positive aspects can help the country by being seen as developed its economy and give it a priority place in the international community. However, the problem with nation branding issue is very sensitive and small things can create a bad branding when irresponsible people may damage the Nation branding.


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  1. Thank you for your thoughts on this issue. You have included some interesting images and videos and make the cases for the mainstream media’s complicity – at least through the absence of critical analysis – in the Anglo-American justification for the Iraq War. However, there are some things to work on, which you should address when revising this entry for inclusion in your portfolio at the end of the year:

    1. There are some strong claims which might be toned down or corrected. For instance, no one claimed Iraq possessed nuclear weapons, as you seem to indicate. The claim was that Saddam was producing WMDs. In addition, the links to al Qaeda were usually alluded to rather than explicitly stated.

    2. In addition, some of your arguments need to be stated more precisely and with greater clarity. Please check your spellings (e.g., ‘delver’ – deliver?) and grammar.

    3. Finally, your system of referencing is rather odd, with two hyperlinked notes (which start at number 7) and your in-text references don’t correspond to the sources listed at the end.

  2. Thank you Dr your comments was very helpful I have made some changing and I will look through the grammar in the end of the year

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